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Medical Testing

Fit Testing

We provide fit testing according to 29 CFR 1910.134 standards. LoneStar USA Safety & Training uses the quantitative protocol with the OHD Quantifit. We also offer qualitative fit testing. We offer a variety of masks, including full face and half masks, both positive pressure and APR. We can satisfy all your fit test needs.

Pulmonary Testing (PFT)

OSHA also requires that prior to  fit testing all employees must answer a respiratory questionairre. This questionairre must be over-read by a qualified Health Care Professional. Most HCP's also require a Pulmonary Function Test to accompany the questionairre. We provide this PFT using up to date equipment and qualified training for our testing personnel.

Audiometric Testing

Audiometric testing is required by OSHA when working in areas where sound levels are 85 db averaged over an eight hour period or above 90 db peak. LoneStar USA Safety & Training can provide this service for your employees. After obtaining a base line audio we also provide the yearly testing as required by OSHA. We will alert you if there are any yearly db shifts that require re-testing or medical consultation. Our audio testing is mobile and can be performed at your facility or at our location.

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